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Just as refreshing as it sounds. Our sparkling CBD water is infused with lemon and hibiscus to bring out a light lemon touch with a bright hibiscus finish. Effervescent, illuminous and relaxing.

  • Infused with All-Natural Hemp Extract  (A CBD isolate with no THC)
  • Produced with artesian-well water from south Georgia

Lemon Hibiscus Infused Sparkling Water (3 pk, 6 pk, 24 pk)

    Tropical Leaves

    Jamie L, business owner and Alaska adventurer 

    Best CBD water around, perfect for a hike or for relaxing at home

    Ghandi (probably)

    Nothing gets me centered, focused and ready for the day quite like an ice cold Traveller

    Erik T, fisherman and 'Florida man'

    I don't usually like CBD, but Traveller is just what I need when I need it, without any of the brain fog

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